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Hospitality related companies that feel the need for an "Operations Analysis", "Systems Review" or a very basic "Check-up" or a Hotel or Club property that is considering the addition or renovation of an existing golf course, would be encouraged to retain the services of IDNF Management. Our experience and cumulative resources accumulated during the past thirty years, as shown on the attached Curriculum Vitae, are extensive in the golf course development and management arena.


We can lead you through all phases of development from planning to permitting to construction, to staffing, opening and running, in a hands on all encompassing fashion. With us directing and or assisting your development team we will collectively ensure that all issues are dealt with in a timely and competitive fashion. Budgets will be produced and adhered to throughout the process keeping the “Owners” involved and contributing.

Our Operations reviews focus on the day to day operation to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of your entire team - each are positioned correctly for optimum performance. Our all inclusive systems reviews will focus on areas from membership recruitment & retention to accounting and ensure that each are running at maximum performance.

There are various ways that our services can be retained all depending on the time that you require us to be on-site.


On-site General Manager - an annual fee based on need/expectations plus expenses (TBD).

Daily fee with a guaranteed minimum of 15 on-site visits per month until completion:  (TBD).

Hourly fee with a guaranteed minimum of 120 hours per month:  (TBD).


The hospitality industry is always challenging. It is critical that the property owners retain a competent professional to manage the process from start to finish. The earlier into the process that we are retained the better to ensure a seamless and fiscally successful project.


An outside, non-biased professional reviewing your operation, will reveal both positives and negatives worthy of your attention resulting in an improvement in bottom line results and customer/member satisfaction - guaranteed!

If given the opportunity, we would be happy to discuss our professional services with you. In this fiscally challenging time, this will be money well-spent.

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